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The orphanage was going to have to close if they did not get all of the necessary funds.  This would have left many children out on the streets without a place to go.  Through the grace of God, the mission was very successful and the group was able to raise enough money for the orphanage to remain open.   Since then, the mission group has grown and we continue to raise money for the upkeep of the orphanage and to support all of the children living there.  We also make a yearly trip to the orphanage in Patzún and help in any way that we can. 


Our primary method of fundraising for the past few years has been holding breakfasts on Sunday mornings at St. Richard's Church.  We are not able to hold as many breakfasts this year, but we still need to raise funds.  With your help, we can turn the Run Across Guatemala 5K Run/Walk into a fundraising success!  If you decide to sign up for this run/walk, you will be helping over 80 children ranging from infancy to 17 years old.  The money we send to the orphanage pays for food, clothing, upkeep of the orphanage, and even life saving surgeries or medical treatments for the children.  Thank you so much for considering signing up for our race!  Your participation could save a life!  


Our mission is to make sure that the children in the Patzún Orphanage are taken care of in the best way possible.  The Sisters at the Orphanage do a wonderful job of caring for all of the children.  However, they need the funds to do so and they cannot always meet the financial demands of the Orphanage.  Through a variety of fundraisers, we raise and donate money that can be used to buy nutritious food for the children to ensure their health.  A medical clinic is located within the orphanage that benefits both the children within the orphanage and individuals who live in Patzun.  Donated money is also used to ensure that regulations are met and to buy basic medical supplies and medications. 


In our annual trip to the Orphanage, we pack duffel bags of supplies that range from toys and clothes to tools and medical supplies.  While there, we typically help by building small structures, painting, improving the safety of the orphanage's infrastructure, and doing various other tasks.

This is the playground area that we refurnished by creating a wooden plank exterior to the playground and filling the enclosed area with several tons of sand.  Along with this, we improved the drainage system near the playground area to avoid flooding.  This has proved to be safer and more fun for the children!

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