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What are we all about?

This is the playground area that we refurnished by creating a wooden plank exterior to the playground and filling the enclosed area with several tons of sand.  Along with this, we improved the drainage system near the playground area to avoid flooding.  This has proved to be safer and more fun for the children!


Our mission is to make sure that the children in the Patzún Orphanage are taken care of in the best way possible.  The Sisters at the Orphanage do a wonderful job of caring for all of the children.  However, they need the funds to do so and they cannot always meet the financial demands of the Orphanage.  Through a variety of fundraisers, we raise and donate money that can be used to buy nutritious food for the children to ensure their health.  A medical clinic is located within the orphanage that benefits both the children within the orphanage and individuals who live in Patzun.  Donated money is also used to ensure that regulations are met and to buy basic medical supplies and medications. 


In our annual trip to the Orphanage, we pack duffel bags of supplies that range from toys and clothes to tools and medical supplies.  While there, we typically help by building small structures, painting, improving the safety of the orphanage's infrastructure, and doing various other tasks.

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